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Story of a Chicken


Since I’ve been here in Costa Rica, I’ve become more aware of the whole farm to plate thing as it pertains to animals. Since my Dad was an avid weekend farmer, fresh vegetables coming from the garden right into the pot was nothing new to me… but we never had animals on our family farm. ... 

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Thanksgiving at the Farm


For Italians, holidays are about 2 things – family and food – not necessarily in that order. So you can just imagine what happens when an Italian family celebrates Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday on steroids. No exaggeration.


Unlike most Italian families, mine foregoes pasta when we celebrate this particularly indigenous feast. All other Italian families I know, can’t imagine a holiday – even this traditional American one – without ravioli or manicotti. It just isn’t done... 

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Thanksgiving 2005 021.jpg

Giovedi, Gnocchi!


It’s impossible to choose my favorite thing about the year I spent studying in Rome… but "Giovedi, Gnocchi" was definitely high on the list.


Every Thursday (Giovedi), all the trattoria, rosticceria and ristorante in Rome feature gnocchi. This amazing dish of potato dumplings bathed in tomatoes, garlic and olive oil has to be ...

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