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Daddy's Big Day!

Mommy once said that we really weren’t sure exactly what day Daddy’s birthday was, but we always celebrated on July 18th.


Back in the 1960s, my parents bought “The Farm” in Circleville New York. It is 14 acres at the gateway to the Catskills and was absolute heaven on earth to my Dad.  

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The Luckiest Kids

in the World


My earliest childhood memories are of my mother’s kitchen.


Dark green wallpaper with big pink flowers…  kitchen cabinets, hand built by my grandpa and my Uncle Dominick painted pink to match. Mommy was very proud of her modern kitchen, with the hottest new color combination: ... 

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St. Anthony in Boston


A glance at the colored overhead lights,  the sound of the band, and one deep breath to take in all the familiar smells,   and I was transported back to my childhood; but this was Boston, not Mt. Vernon NY.


I traveled with my sister Genevieve and her family to Boston for the weekend, but ...  


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A Tribute to My

Aunti Fanny


The news came yesterday. My Aunti Fanny was gone.  At 94, she was still living alone in an apartment in  the Bronx, taking no meds whatsoever, refinishing her furniture and coloring her own hair… “Lucy red”. She was my Daddy’s big sister,  ... 

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