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Come to Sicily this Spring!

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Join me and Culinary Travel Expert Elaine Trigiani  May 2024 in Sicily!

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Costa Rica Journal,   January 2020

Rainbow over Lake Arenal.jpg

Greetings from Lake Arenal, Costa Rica!


When we arrived, we were greeted at the airport by Ariana, who runs things here for Franz, and her daughter Chandra. The next days were filled with ...

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Costa Rican Journals January 15, 2017



On Friday we made plans to visit the big finca, the larger of the two cattle ranches. I confess I was a bit relieved at the rainy weather because Franz said that the only way to see the property was on the back of a horse. Never having been anywhere even near a real live horse, suffice it to say I was just a little bit nervous. ... 

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Munich, August 2017


When asked where he comes from, Franz always says Bavaria, rather than Germany. Now I know why.


When I first arrived here in Munich (in the area of Schwabing where Franz grew up) It seemed like I was in certain sections of Rome… you know, that European feel. But Rome, in spite of how much I love it, just doesn’t have ... 

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On the Road Again... Adventures with Franz


Before we left Mattsee, we spent a lovely day in Salzburg before heading to Vienna to join up with the family again. Vienna is truly a golden city. Buildings and statues adorned with gold everywhere you looked.


What I enjoyed seeing most in Vienna were three... 

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